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Re: [script] Changing bug originator on reports with obsolete emails

As some have noticed, this script is far from perfect, be careful
before using it as-is.  Shortcomings include:

* 'reopen' will change originator on all bug reports currently merged
with the one being worked on.  I submitted a bug against debbugs for
this.  In the meantime a workaround would be to "unmerge" first and
"merge" again later - just requires some more parsing to generate a
correct "merge" line.

* I make use of Charles Briscoe-Smith lists of by-submitter reports,
which are no more refreshed - so the status (open/closed) of the bugs
may be wrong by the time they are handled.  Watch the report sent back
by the BTS for things to close again manually afterwards.

As there is no indices for the up-to-date by-submitter reports, we
could use a combination of Charles' indices and of the official
reports to get the correct result.  More to come... unless someone
writes it first, that is ;)


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