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Re: Comments on FHS testsuite run

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 11:59:55PM +1100, Drew Parsons wrote:
> > * Reference 6.1.2-16: /dev/vcs missing
> >   Reason: flaw in test
> > 
> >   Debian definitely has a correct /dev/vcs file; maybe the test broke since
> >   it is a symlink to /dev/vcs0
> I didn't have a /dev/vcs file (or link) either, until I manually ran
> "MAKEDEV console" just now.  Was this supposed to have been done
> automatically upon installing makedev?  I originally installed slink, then
> upgraded by network to potato, and then to woody.  My version of makedev
> should be up to date at 2.3.1-46. 

IMO, nothing in FHS or LSB should be telling you what files in /dev to
rely on above and beyond a /dev/cdrom link.  I don't know about anyone
else here, but I've moved on to devfs under which mandating device nodes
exist is a pointless exercise.  They'll exist if they exist.

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<Endy> Actually, I think I'll wait for potato to be finalised before
       installing debian.
<Endy> That should be soon, I'm hoping. :)
<knghtbrd> Endy: You obviously know very little about Debian.

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