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Re: Comments on FHS testsuite run

* Wichert Akkerman <wichert@valinux.com> [20001020 12:30]:
> Not all of the test results are fair in my opinion:
> others are bugs in the testsuite

> * Reference: 3.4-4: /etc/disktab not found
>   Euhm, I never even heard of that file

> * Reference 3.4-15: /etc/mtools not found
>   Reason: flaw in test
>   The file is actually called /etc/mtools.conf

Actually, there is a note regarding these two problems (and some
others) on the LSB test page.  Basically, it's neither a bug in
Debian nor the testsuite, but in the FHS itself.

    2. It is anticipated that a new revision of the FHS (currently
    2.1) will soon be released. Some of the non-conformance issues
    detected by the test suite will be removed with the new
    specification. A list of some of the issues is here[0].

[0] http://www.linuxbase.org/test/results/fhs2.1_issues.html

> * Reference 3.1-42: /bin/domainname not found
>   Reason: test install was incomplete
>   The test did not have the nis package installed; this package
>   provides full support for NIS clients and servers.

Since /bin/domainname is required by the FHS, the nis package should
be installed in any case.  Currently, the priority is extra.
Martin Michlmayr

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