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Re: Diff between Helix/Debian GNOME (was Re: Helix debian package s)

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 06:14:07PM +0200, Mariusz.Przygodzki@WAW1.siemens.pl wrote:
> Hmmm. Your message looks like Helix marketing campain for Debian people.
> I can agree with only one point with small exception.
> Helix team spends a lot of time "testing, enhancing, and improving 
> the desktop, and making Helix GNOME work well on as many operating systems 
> as possible" but *mainly* for RH.

This isn't true at all. The vast majority of Helix GNOME people are
using Debian, including our QA guy. The Debian packages end up getting
tested much more than the other 8 or so distributions we support.

> I used Helix GNOME and I have no idea what does it mean "enhancing" and
> "improving" in case of Helix debian packages. 
> Event after an analyzying changelogs. 
> Sure, two pictures are nicer and more icons.

In most cases, we don't change packages at all. We just provide a
well-defined set of GNOME and GTK+ apps as a desktop environment. The
few things we do change are default settings that the upstream
maintainers want to keep the way they are currently.

We have also added several images for prettiness and branding

The major features that have gone into Helix GNOME have been moved
into the upstream sources, like the Menu Panel.


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