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Re: lintian 1.11.5 uploaded

On 20-Oct-2000 Yves Arrouye wrote:
>> Now is your time to make your wishes.  They may even come true.
> Here's another one, still from me: issue a warning if a package puts
> architecture-dependent files in /usr/share (or /usr/local/share I guess).
> Hard to do when there are binary files of any type (maybe for a really
> pedantic mode of lintian) but very easy when somebody dumps loadable modules
> there. It does happen (IBM's ICU is an example).

if ($file =~ m,^usr/share/,) {
      print "E: $pkg $type: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share $file\n";

That snippet is in the binaries check.  However this only catches exefiles and
libs I think.  What else is there?  Or perhaps you know of a way this check is

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