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Re: Learning from Eratosthenes

Offtopic.  Apologies to the uninterested...

Unless I'm mistaken,

>               for (j = i * i; j < MAX; j += i)
>                       map[j >> 3] &= ~(0x80 >> (j&7));

should be

>               for (j = i * 2; j < MAX; j += i)
>                       map[j >> 3] &= ~(0x80 >> (j&7));

Consider the '3' case.  foo[3] is zero, so we skip to [9] and mark it,
when we should skip to [6].  There may be some optimization that makes
skipping to i^2 possible, but I don't yet know it.

(Not tested, just eyeballed.) 

						- chad

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