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Re: Uploaded grub 0.5.96 (source i386) to master

>>"Gord" == Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org> writes:

 Gord> The correct solution to this is to make a symlink to the kernel you
 Gord> want to boot, then use the symlink in the menu.lst (which Joseph
 Gord> alluded to).  I don't think any other kind of hackery is necessary.

	I concur. 

 Gord> So, it is up to the make-kpkg folks to deal with this aspect of the
 Gord> problem.

	I think that with the configurability included in
 /etc/kernel-img.conf we do indeed take care of it ...

 Gord> It would be nice to generate a default menu.lst, but that
 Gord> really only can be done by the user (due to the countless ways a fully
 Gord> automatic installation can screw up your system).  If this gets better
 Gord> in the future, I'll support it in the GRUB Debian package.

	I've always been vary of interleaving editing of a file by a
 human and a script too.

 Gord> At the very least I can add some documentation to GRUB's README.Debian
 Gord> to point out how it should be done.

        In /etc/kernel-img.conf	(man kernel-img.conf for details)

              If  you  want  the  symbolic  link  (or  image,  if
              move_image is set) to be stored in elsewhere than /
              set this variable to the dir  where  you  want  the
              symbolic  link.   Please  note  that  this is not a
              Boolean variable.  This may be of help  to  loadlin
              users,   who  may  set  both  this  and  move_image
              Defaults to / This can be used in conjunction  with
              all above options except image_in_boot, which would
              not   make   sense.   (If   both   image_dest   and
              image_in_boot are set, image_in_boot overrides).
              If  set  to  NO,  this  prevents  the postinst from
              running the boot loader.  The  user  may  still  be
              asked  to  create a floppy, unless do_bootfloppy is
              also set to NO. Defaults to Yes.
              If set to yes, the  kernel  image  postinst  script
              shall  go  to extra ordinary lengths to ensure that
              the symbolic  links  are  relative.  Normally,  the
              symbolic  links  are  relative  when  it  is easily
              determinable  that  relative  links   shall   work.
              Defaults to No.

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