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Re: New to list


On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 05:37:12PM -0500, adam.edgar wrote:
> I believe I have the right list here, there are so many choices.
> So if you would tell me if I belong here. I have been using Linux for
> 2 years (Debian about 9 months) and am looking to find a way to help in
> development. I am a CS student at Alabama running Woody (nightly updated)
> and would be interested in helping in any way possible. Whether testing
> packages, working code (I know C and C++ but would like to learn Perl), or
> trying to break systems to find holes. I am running both a desktop and a
> Thinkpad so I can test a variety of hardware. 
> 	With all that said, Im a willing worker looking for a task to work
> on that can both further my knowledge and help repay the community that
> has given me a viable alternative to the M$ world.

have a look at www.debian.org - read the pages behind the link 
`Developers Corner`. Read at least the FHS, the debian policy, the 
packaging guide, the maint-guide (maintainer-guide).

Then have a look at nm.debian.org (that's the new-maintainer side) if you
are interested in becoming a debian maintainer. Actually it seems so for
me that you would like to that. 

kind regards,
Michael Moerz

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