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Bug Tags

Anthony Towns writes:
 > Thanks to the tireless and heroic efforts of Adam Heath and yours truly
 > (yes, you may applaud now, bouquets accepted also), the BTS should now
 > support "Tags" for bugs.

 > Each bug can have zero or more of a set of
 > given tags. These tags are displayed in the list of bugs when you look
 > at a package's page, and when you look at the full bug log. The current
 > bug tags are:

Proposal for another tag:


	This bug is fixed or worked around by the upstream authors,
	but either there's not yet a new upstream release or a new
	Debian package.

Allows to document which bugs are known and fixed upstream. Currently
used for gcc & Co packages as prefix for the bug title.

 > I'm
 > not sure of any elegant ways of separating bugs with patches (easy to fix)
 > from unreproducible / moreinfo bugs (not worth looking at for the moment)
 > when there might be bugs marked "moreinfo, patch", eg.

Definitely useful; show all bugs that do have / don't have tags and
don't need more work (tag fixed upstream, or tags that signal: nothing
to do for the moment).

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