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Re: Misclassification of packages; "libs" and "doc" sections

>>>>> "Eyal" == Eyal Lotem <eyal@hyperroll.com> writes:

    Eyal> In my oppinion, this represents the weakness of heirarchial
    Eyal> structures for classification.  In my oppinion, 'lib',
    Eyal> 'sound' and the rest of those should be 'boolean properties'
    Eyal> or 'qualifiers' of a package, so that you can look for all
    Eyal> the 'lib packages', all the 'sound packages', or whatever
    Eyal> combination you may want.  (libasound would be both a lib
    Eyal> package, and a sound package).  This could fit in with the
    Eyal> 'package pools' idea perhaps.  This would cancel out the
    Eyal> possibility to store it within a file system heirarchy, but
    Eyal> is that very helpful?

try to assign a directory based on the qualifiers?


if package.sound then package.dir = sound
else if package.devel then package.dir = devel
else if package.lib then package.dir = lib

I think you get the idea; not sure if this will be useful or not
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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