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Re: KDE & apt

> > I'm really getting tired of this.
> I fully apologize if this has been discussed before. I did not see anything
> about this topic.

it's not you...I've had tons of private mail about this and several bug 
reports.  don't worry about it.

> In fact only the naming part was discussed, not the move as such. I have to
> admit I still don't see the reason why you chose to name it that way, but
> it's not worth discussing this temporarily solution.

it wasn't a temporary solution...the kdelibs-nossl and kdelibs was the
seperation at first when I couldn't do anything other than this due to 
upstream issues.  Now that those upstream issues are fixed up I can
break it down in a more logical way.

> > Sitting in incoming is all the stuff...and has been since just slightly
> > after this stupid thread started.  
> Oh, and of course I am sorry to start such a stupid thread.

Don't take it personal..I'm just tired of discussing it.  I had to make
sure the packages were either working or not working and just because
you can't use SSL support in beta packages in an unstable distribution 
shouldn't be cause to get upset.  Whether or not you persoanlly got upset,
alot of others did and it pissed me off.  SSL suport IMHO is a added
bonus especially since it's still buggy.  


Ivan E. Moore II
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