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Re: Too Many Packages [was Re: Splitting locales...]

> > As I said, this can't be fixed. If you have n packages, files/directories
> > that have information on each package are going to be O(n) in size. 
>  ...
> > It's not a problem of our package tools; it's innate in the problem.
> > We may be in trouble sometime, but it doesn't mean we should give
> > up now.
> One workaround to this problem might be having a Packages.gz for
> each section, make apt-lines point to the individual sections rather
> than Debian as a whole.  "section" might need arranging, but it
> would be workable, and possible to do with the current tools.

I'd like to see package pools solve this, by creating custom Packages
files.  Maybe something along the lines of

  task-parallel-computing-dev and everything it depends on



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