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Re: Splitting locales and i18ndata from glibc into some sane packages

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 04:40:15PM -0500, David Starner wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 08:04:16AM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> > I want to split up the locales and i18ndata packages from glibc in to some
> > more sanely sized packages. I'm not sure of two things:
> > 
> > a) How much granularity? I've thought of doing this by continent (North
> >    America, Europe, Asia, etc...). Does this make sense? I'm no geography
> >    guru, so some help would be needed so I don't have to break out a world
> >    map.
> There's a bug open on kde-i18n for trying the same thing. As Joey points out,
> these are all inefficent hacks instead of getting it right. 
> For a), you would have one big package for Europe, two smaller packages
> for Asia and South America, and the rest of the continents would only
> have two or three locales. (en_US, en_CA, es_MX for North America, en_AU
> for Austrila, etc.) 

How about splitting on the two-letter language parts?

It's much more likely that en_UK (or is it en_GB?) will want to install
en_US than es_ES, even though they're geographically closer.


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