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Splitting locales and i18ndata from glibc into some sane packages

I want to split up the locales and i18ndata packages from glibc in to some
more sanely sized packages. I'm not sure of two things:

a) How much granularity? I've thought of doing this by continent (North
   America, Europe, Asia, etc...). Does this make sense? I'm no geography
   guru, so some help would be needed so I don't have to break out a world

b) Should i18n be grouped with the locales, or atleast have the locale and
   i18n counterpart depend, recommend or suggest each other? How often do
   people install one without the other?

I'm hoping this will keep locale/i18n users from having to install ~20Megs
(~7megs download) just to have one locale.


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