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Re: Packages fixed for glibc 2.1.94

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 07:42:21PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> Exim, openldap2, PAM and SASL made it into the archive today. Apache,
> sendmail and postfix are in incoming:
> http://incoming.debian.org/
> Expect a new glibc 2.1.94-2 with fixed locales and proper deps/conflicts
> for better upgrades, sometime later tonight.
> Ben

Just FYI the new exim NMU for the current libc was still 'freezing'
message here on my machine. My solution was to download a snapshot
version of exim yesterday 28 Sep. apt-get source exim, cp the debian
dir to snapshot directory, diff two files to fix compile time problem
with lookups.a (ie src/lookups/ldap.c and ldap.h) They removed 4 lines 
from snapshot in header and changed one line in ldap.c slightly.
After those changes I now have a clean build with the snapshot code and...
best of all mail is delivering again.

Some people out there may very well be in same condition, unable to send 
mail at all but ftp and apt still working, so they can not report their
problems. Thought I might send this as Works For Me.


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