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ITP: libgda


I intent to package libgda. I have deb packages
already. but, I'm not an official Debian maintainer.

Description: GNU Data Access library.
 GNU Data Access is an attempt to provide uniform access to
 different kinds of data sources (databases, information
 servers, mail spools, etc).
 It is a complete architecture that provides all you need to
 access your data.
 libgda was part of the GNOME-DB project
(http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-db/), but has been
 separated from it to allow non-GNOME applications to be
 developed based on it.

License is GPL2.

Initial package are available from

 As for libgda0 and libgda-dev as gnome-db, it will rename
 to gnome-db and gnome-db-dev. in addition, libgda can't
 remove GNOME dependence yet. 

Best regards,

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