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Re: Re: ITP of dotfile

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Michael Moerz wrote:

> Hi Adrian!

Hi Michael!

> Actually I did read the maintainer-guide over 5 times completely and
> several more times when I was searching for a hint. (Something similar
> applies to the packaging documents at  http://www.debian.org/devel/)
> for that upstream version fetching - I suppose there is a grave
> misunderstanding between us. The version fetching I am trying to get to


I did misread what you wrote:
You wrote "when the upstream version is autofetched in  debian/rules".

You mean: Get the version number of the upstream package.

I read: Autofetch the upstream .tar.gz ...
This is not what you said.

> kind regards,
> Michael Moerz

Sorry about that,

A "No" uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a
"Yes" merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
                -- Mahatma Ghandi

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