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Re: Re: ITP of dotfile

Hi Adrian!

Actually I did read the maintainer-guide over 5 times completely and
several more times when I was searching for a hint. (Something similar
applies to the packaging documents at  http://www.debian.org/devel/)

for that upstream version fetching - I suppose there is a grave
misunderstanding between us. The version fetching I am trying to get to
work was not my idea - it actually come from the Josip Rodin who was the
last maintainer. He wrote a suggestion into the TODO list.
The point is that in debian/rules the version of some sub-packages are
hardcoded which is not a good idea, so it should somehow be extracted
from the upstream cause it is already there in a file.
Could u give me a reason why I should not automate the upstream-version
extraction when it is determined that it is there?
Doing manually involves the possibility of human-errors, doesn't it ?

kind regards,

Michael Moerz

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