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Re: New libc6 breaks exim?

Hi *, 

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 10:21:40AM +0200, Petr Cech wrote:
> libdb2 in the archive is not compatible with the glibc 2.1. It doesn't use
> versioning (as it's not part of glibc, the GLIBC_2.0 tags are not there).
> The same goes for apache, php4 (have to check php3), sendmail, dhelp ...
> I'd say everything depending on libdb2.

In that case the new libdb2 should have another name as it does no longer
provide what that packaged used to provide. It's nice to have a package
tool that notices problems like this but we have to make use of that 

Could we please restore the old libdb2 package and rename the current 
libdb2 to something else so it does not satisfy those dependencies 
anymore? Kind of sucks to lose all services by upgrading. I knew something
would fail but I can't afford losing exim, apache, php4, ...

Have a look at apt-cache showpkg libdb2 - I would expect all those 
packages to break which is a major problem. Another problem: If they are
all recompiled they will not work with the old libc anymore, right?
In that case we have a problem worse than that libc5 -> libc6 thing. 
With libc5 we were still able to run all the old binaries with some 
packages from oldlibs installed. With libc6 going 2.1.94 we have to 
upgrade everything depending on libdb2...

Thanks, Ben, for your work to take care of libc6. I like what you did
but can we please fix this dependency bug?



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