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SB live SMP drivers?

I've finally taken the time to install a Soundblaster Live card on
my SMP-box. Trying to switch from oss- to to alsa drivers at the same time creates

Background is:
1. SMP kernel compiled from kernel-source-2.2.17.
2. Download of binary (non SMP) kernel-image-2.2.17 is set on hold.
3. Installed alsa packages: alsa-base, alsa-utils, alsaconf

Trying to install alsa-modules-2.2.17 to get access to the binary
modules, such as snd-card-emu10k1.o the lock on kernel-image is
released, downloading the (non SMP) kernel-image!!

What to do?
1. Download alsa-source-0.5.9c-4.deb and compile. If this
is the recommended way to do this: how? Is there something
simular to make-kpkg available?
2. Download alsa-*.tar.gz from http://www.alsa-project.org and
compile from source.
3. Download emu10k1.tar.gz from http://opensource.creative.com and
compile from source.
4. Skip the whole thing, and reinstall the old SB16 :-(

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