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Re: Linuxconf or Webmin - pros and cons


many thanks for the comments I've received on my question,
wether linuxconf or webmin is "better" (does mean: fits
better in a Debian environment and has more advantages in
general).  I was not sure wether the question alone would
result in a flame war, but due to the lack of linuxconf
fans it did not happen :-)

Thanks to Andreas Fuchs, Jamie Cameron, Jules Bean, Martin
Hoeller, who sent me even a patch that should make webmin
work better with the lynx browser, Ryan W. Maple and Seth
Cohn for their input.

One very important question is how the tools allow an
administrator to set certain configuration values of many
machines at once.  As far as I understand, neither tool do
address this problem.  Maybe there is some integration
into network management systems, I'm not aware of?

Again, here's the pro-and-cons listing for the tools:

                        Linuxconf               Webmin

not Linux-only          yes (new)               yes (for a long time)
3rd party modules       some                    more
included in Debian      yes                     soon
leaves comments         sometimes               yes
minimal size            ?                       ?
size w/ all modules     ?                       ?
security                ?                       ?
(is webmin really more secure than linuxconf, if yes, why?)

User interface
web                     yes                     yes
ASCII                   yes                     yes (w3m; lynx, if patched)
X                       yes                     yes (X browser)
command line            yes                     no
WAP                     no                      no

API for modules         yes                     yes
well documented         no                      yes
easily extendable       no                      yes

ISDN                    yes                     yes
MySQL                   no                      yes
PPP dialin              yes                     yes
PPP dialout             yes                     yes
PPPoE                   yes                     no
PostgreSQL              no                      no
RAID                    no                      yes
RARP                    yes                     no
access control          yes                     yes
apache                  yes                     yes
apt                     no                      no
crond                   no                      yes
dhcpd                   yes                     yes
dnsconf                 yes                     yes
dpkg                    no                      yes
drdb                    yes                     no
exim                    no                      no
fetchmail               yes                     no
firewall                yes                     yes
imap                    no                      yes
inetd                   yes                     yes
inittab                 yes                     yes
ircd                    yes                     no
isapnp                  yes                     no
kannel                  no                      yes
kernel parameters       yes                     no
ldap                    yes                     yes
lilo                    yes                     yes
lpd                     yes                     yes
majordomo               no                      yes
mgetty                  yes                     no
modem                   yes                     no
motd                    yes                     no
mrtg                    yes                     no
Debian net config       yes                     yes?
postfix                 no                      yes
proftpd                 yes                     no
qmail                   no                      yes
samba                   yes                     yes
sendmail                yes                     yes
smail                   no                      no
squid                   yes                     yes
sshd                    yes                     no
syslogd                 no                      yes
system status           yes                     no
user management         yes                     yes
uucp                    no                      no
wuftpd                  yes                     yes

W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>

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