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Re: mutt, gpg and automated key retrival

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> .gnupg options contains (comments deleted)
> force-v3-sigs
> escape-from-lines
> lock-once
> keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net 
> honor-http-proxy

I have the same options set (except  keyserver pgpkeys.mit.edu, but
the problem will be the same) and use pine with pgp4pine.  When
trying to obtain non-developer signatures (the developer keyring
is installed on my machine) I get the following:

------------ Output from gpg ------------
gpg: Schlüssels D644D71A von pgpkeys.mit.edu wird angefordert ...
gpg: failed to create temporary file
`/usr/share/keyrings/.#lk0x80cf438.wr-linux02.30142': Keine Berechtigung
gpg: fatal: can't allocate lock for `/usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.pgp'
secmem usage: 1408/1408 bytes in 2/2 blocks of pool 1408/16384

(Sorry for the German messages.  I havn't such an E-Mail handy for
 creating an English set.)
May be it is the same problem in your case that gpg wants to write to
/usr/share/keyrings/ a temporary file and isn't allowed of course.
I havn't found a way to avoid that.

Kind regards


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