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Re: mutt, gpg and automated key retrival

Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> wrote:
>The newer mutt in woody comes with full support for gpg and has the
>configuration in /etc/Muttrc almost(?) complet.
>What I would like to see for some time now is that mutt finds the key of the
>author of signed mails on my favorit keyserver (if it is not there locally
>already) and checks the mails signature.
>but right now this feature is disabled. the mutt command in charge of that is
>set to an empty string:
>set pgp_getkeys_command=""

I wouldn't like to see a default that meant that mutt had to go to the
network. The default should be standalone.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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