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mutt, gpg and automated key retrival

The newer mutt in woody comes with full support for gpg and has the
configuration in /etc/Muttrc almost(?) complet.

What I would like to see for some time now is that mutt finds the key of the
author of signed mails on my favorit keyserver (if it is not there locally
already) and checks the mails signature.

but right now this feature is disabled. the mutt command in charge of that is
set to an empty string:
set pgp_getkeys_command=""

But even if I try to receive a key manually using gpg on the command line
gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.de.pgp.net -recv-key "Martin Macok <martin.macok@underground.cz>"
gpg: can't open `Martin Macok <martin.macok@underground.cz>'

It would be lovly if this frature would work. 

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