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Re: HOWTO: Join the 6bone!

Jonathan Guthrie <jguthrie@brokersys.com> writes:

> Ip is part of iproute, which is distributed with Debian.  Try typing
> "/iproute" from the main selection menu in dselect.  Heck, why not just
> type "apt-get install iproute"?
> While you can set up IPv6 without ip, you'll need a kernel with IPv6
> support, "Kernel/User netlink socket", "Routing Messages", and "Netlink

Hm, what is would the response be to making IPv6 a tentative release goal for

I wouldn't suggest holding back packages that aren't IPv6 compatible but just
deciding that if we have the choice we should integrate IPv6 support into
anything that we can as the standard debian package.

Ideally we don't want to have to tell users to install special kame userspace
programs, don't have to tell them to recompile their kernel, etc. Of course
they'll need to find their own gateway, but some users may already have a use
for IPv6 either on their servers or within their own networks.


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