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Re: HOWTO: Join the 6bone!

On 23 Sep 2000, Greg Stark wrote:

> What package does this "ip" program come from? And what version of the kernel
> should we be running to have this sit0 driver?

Ip is part of iproute, which is distributed with Debian.  Try typing
"/iproute" from the main selection menu in dselect.  Heck, why not just
type "apt-get install iproute"?

While you can set up IPv6 without ip, you'll need a kernel with IPv6
support, "Kernel/User netlink socket", "Routing Messages", and "Netlink
device emulation" (all found under "networking options" after a "make
menuconfig") built in (that is, no modules) if you're going to follow Mr.  
Gunthorpe's instructions.  I recommend that you follow Mr. Gunthorpe's
instructions until you get some idea of how an IPv6 setup works.  (Hey, it
worked for me.)

As for the kernel version, I recommend you use the latest of the 2.2
series of kernels, which, as far as I am aware, is 2.2.17.
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