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Re: New `dpkg --print-subarchitecture' option

Previously Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Ok, I think I slowly realize... if hardware and kernel (=architecture)
> interfaces are realized by (probably) virtual "package names" (or an
> orthogonal structure with similar provide and depends semantics), we need to
> query dpkg(-arch) for the set of installed (available) hardware/kernel
> interfaces, right?


> That's true, and when we go for this new scheme, the relationship between
> dpkg and dpkg-arch becomes a hard one. I would be very satisfied with such a
> solution, as you can imagine :)

It'll definitely be an interesting one. I think we'll have some packages
which provide actual interfaces (say ibcs-2.4.0 providing solaris), and
have some default once (linux or hurd for example) either being there by
quering dpkg-arch by dpkg, or some other way.


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