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Re: kernel-image and epoch

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 07:39:46AM +1100, Herbert Xu wrote:
> As I've said before, trying to avoid automatic upgrades by setting epochs
> is just the same as setting a very large verison number, and hence
> unreliable.  The only sure way of preventing it is to put the package on
> hold.


Instead of being stubborn, how about you take on people's opinions and
things, and use them to your advantage?

1) I would imagine 90% of developers feel epochs are the most evil things
   since sliced bread. the other 10% probably dont know about them.
2) kernel-package does not cope well with epochs. and there is no easy way
   around this. to ease the situation, not having epochs on the kernel-image
   packages would help.
3) just because bash does things differently, doesnt mean that you shouldnt
   adjust apt-move to cope with that.
4) People are more likely to respect you.
5) It may be a shock to you, but you are not the most knowledgable
   Developer. Neither am I. So, your ultimate decisions are not going to be
   always correct.

These are just a list of things you should think about. Debian is a big big
machine with lots of little parts. Someone trying to throw their weight
around, trying to influence others to do what they want, dont help at all.

Sorry Herbert, but you appear like a stubborn donkey to me, and probably to
others. get over it.

Oh, and it is nice to explain why you close bugs instead of blindly closing


                       Michael Beattie (mickyb@es.co.nz)

    For those of you who think life is a joke, just think of the punchline.
                Debian GNU/Linux....  Ooohh You are missing out!

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