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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

David Starner wrote:
> [...]
> If you have a 200 MB harddisk, then I suggest you handpick your packages 
> carefully. If you don't like Unix's editors, then perhaps you don't want
> to be using Unix.
 The only Unix's editor I know is vi. Emacs is a Free-BSD/Linux editor.
Great thing, certainly, but useless for Unix people. And so, wasting
disk space.
100 MB are 100 MB, even on a 20GB disk.

> If you want Windows, you know where to find it. If you want a fine
> programming enviroment, a stable system that rewards learning and patience,
> then Debian offers that. If you want a server, here we are. 
  Sure, Debian is good. But the question is: how could it be better?

> Debian is not everything to everybody. If you want a graphical enviroment,
> it's on the task lists. A standard Debian system should not be bound by
> what Windows converts want.
Do you want to define a standard system or a minimal system? I think you
define a minimal one (with vi, lynx, and no graphical environment), but
there are
as many standards as users. And, as you say, it's why task packages are

Bernard ISAMBERT (isambert@sib.fr)
Syndicat Interhospitalier de Bretagne (www.sib.fr)

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