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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

Joey Hess wrote:

> > And most of the users installing Debian happen to be Windows converts.
> I have seen zero evidence of that, and a great deal of evidence that
> users installing debian are already linux users who have used at least
> one other distribution in the past.
> > So, _if_ we consider to install standard by default, we should probably
> > gravely re-think what should be in a present-day(!) "standard" system.
> I don't think so. If we want to make some way for a windows user to get
> the type of environment they expect, that's what task packages are for.

/me imagines a task-windows-convert

A Windows cloned desktop, complete with start menu.
Netscape or Mozilla
Gnumeric + Abiword (or GPLed StarOffice)
Wine, just in case
BSOD xscreensaver configured to randomly startup

Of course to make the environment they expect, we'd have to lock up X
randomly, forcing frequent reboots, and charge for everything.

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