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Linuxconf or Webmin - pros and cons


thanks to Seth Cohn and Andreas Fuchs I added some points to
the comparison of linuxconf and webmin.  If somebody has
more points to add, please respond.  Because I took most
information from the web pages of linuxconf and webmin
without testing it on my system, the information might be
inaccurate for Debian.

The worst point about webmin (for me) is the lack of a
usable ASCII interface.  With lynx some pages look very bad
and one has to install lynx that has 2 MBytes (and still
more than 1 MByte w/o docs and i18n).

                    Linuxconf       Webmin

not Linux-only      yes (new)       yes (for a long time)
3rd party modules   some            more
included in Debian  yes             soon
leaves comments     sometimes       yes

User interface
web                 yes             yes
ASCII               yes             not really (looks bad in lynx)
X                   yes             yes, via X browser
command line        yes             no

API for modules     yes             yes
well documented     no              yes
easily extendable   no              yes

ISDN                yes             yes
MySQL               no              yes
PPP dialin          yes             yes
PPP dialout         yes             yes
PPPoE               yes             no
PostgreSQL          no              no
RAID                no              yes
RARP                yes             no
access control      yes             yes
apache              yes             yes
apt                 no              no
crond               no              yes
dhcpd               yes             yes
dnsconf             yes             yes
dpkg                no              yes
drdb                yes             no
exim                no              no
fetchmail           yes             no
firewall            yes             yes
imap                no              yes
inetd               yes             yes
inittab             yes             no
ircd                yes             no
isapnp              yes             no
kannel              no              yes
kernel              yes             no
ldap                yes             yes
lilo                yes             yes
lpd                 yes             yes
majordomo           no              yes
mgetty              yes             no
modem               yes             no
motd                yes             no
mrtg                yes             no
net config          yes             not for Debian
postfix             no              yes
proftpd             yes             no
qmail               no              yes
samba               yes             yes
sendmail            yes             yes
squid               yes             yes
sshd                yes             no
syslogd             no              yes
system status       yes             no
user management     yes             yes
wuftpd              yes             yes

W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>

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