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ITP: Mueller dictionary and SIL IPA fonts


Mueller's dictionary
URL: http://www.geocities.com/mueller_dic/
Current version: 3.3

It's an english/russian dictionary made by V. K. Mueller with scripts
that help browsing it.

License is GPL. Goes to main.

SIL IPA X fonts
Current version: 1.21
Summer Institute of Linguistics IPA fonts that contain reach
character set of phonetic glyphs. It can be used with
dictionaries like mova (russian/english dictionary). 


You may (and are encouraged to) share these fonts with your friends
and co-workers, but with the following restrictions:

* All files must be copied together, including this one.
* No fee may be charged for the fonts

Even though these fonts are "free", SIL retains all copyright and
ownership of the included fonts and reserves the right to restrict
their use and distribution at any time. They may not be used as a
basis for other fonts. They may be placed on bulletin boards, etc.
but cannot be included in (or bundled with) any commercial product
including hard disks or CD-ROMs without specific written permission.

It is non-free and goes to non-free section.

Peter Novodvorsky,
IPLabs Linux Team member: petya@logic.ru
Debian developer: nidd@debian.org

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