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Re: Inability to get any sound with RV player

  (beware, soapboxing ahead)

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 11:41:26AM -0700, Anne Glentzer <stlhead5@vfr.net> was heard to say:
> Since I am obviously an IDIOT!!!  I thank you for being at least polite - I
> must have received 20 very rude and "crude" replies...  I am, as I said
> computer illiterate and I am so very bad at it (61 year old who bought the
> package and hoped to run it without being told what a stupid "shit" I
> m ---  ).  I don't know any of the language or etc.
> Obviously I opened a hornets nest - as well as a venue for rude computer
> whizzes.....

  I realize that a lot of people on this list (not naming any names) are
in the habit of writing..erm..non-tactful replies to other people.  Abrasive,
one might even say.  Or perhaps abusive.

  I also realize that within this list, we put up with it, for whatever reason.
  I'd like to make a REQUEST to everyone here: PLEASE realize what you look
like when you add unnecessary insults and personal attacks to your emails,
especially since people (like the above writer) are apt to take you as
representative of all Debian.

  Posting questions to -changes indicates either that:

   (a) the poster is really confused and needs a polite explanation of what
     he/she is doing; or
   (b) the poster is a maniac bent on annoying Debian developers and users
     the world over and deserves to be flamed to a crisp.

  Now, using the principle of the benefit of the doubt, (a) would be the best
thing to assume, and the proper response should be to send a polite explanation
to the poster of either:
  (a) what Debian is;
  (b) what debian-changes is;
  (c) what email is;
  (d) what mailing lists are;
  (e) what the Internet is, and how to find an appropriate forum for the
  (f) all of the above,
  as well as (optionally) actual help about his/her problem.

  This person clearly didn't grow up on a computer, and clearly isn't aware
that you don't post questions to an announcement list on a totally
unrelated subject.  Is this their fault?  Raise your hand if you've never,
ever done something stupid as a result of forging ahead blindly when you
didn't have a *clue* what you were doing.
  Now, to all the people with their hands raised:
      Either you are a deity, or you are lying.

  He who is without sin, and all that.


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