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Re: PostgreSQL JDBC-driver

Andreas Tille wrote:
  >before I'm going to write a bugreport "New version available"
  >I want to make sure, if this is correct.
  >This package was debianized by Oliver Elphick olly@lfix.co.uk on
  >Tue Mar  3 07:14:59 GMT 1998
  >It was downloaded from <ftp://ftp.postgresql.org/pub/postgresql.6.4.2.tar.gz
Yes; I forgot to update the text of copyright.  However the version number
of the current PostgreSQL packages is 7.0.2-5.

  >But there is a driver on http://www.retep.org.uk/postgres/ which is
  >named jdbc7.0 (to be exact there are different for JDK 1.1 and 1.2).
  >Is there any reason we stick on the older version?

I am not the maintainer of libpgjava; however it is at version 7.0.2-3
and the driver is for postgresql 7.0.2-x.

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