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Re: ITP: GiNaC

Hi Richard,

>> "Richard B. Kreckel" <kreckel@ginac.de> writes:

 > PS: I am currently not a debian maintainer, however, I am on the
 > new-maintainer list.  While at 152 days I am not the record holder at
 > waiting for AM to confirm (the record being 185 days) I hope that
 > issuing two ITPs helps speed up that process somewhat.

 I see you haven't got your GPG signed yet.  AFAIR Paul Seelig
 (pseelig@d.o) is at the Uni Mainz, and and Christoph Martin
 (chrism@d.o) lives in Mainz, too.
 Other than that, are you planning on attenting LWE in Frankfurt?  (5-7
 Oct)  Maybe Debian folks can organize something along the lines of
 "Debian meeting, October 7th, 15:00, in front of the VA Linux booth" in
 order to help some people advance a few steps in the NM queue.

 Have you got packages of Cint and GiNaC ready?  Are they available
 somewhere?  I'd like to give it a try and eventually sponsor you while
 you are still in the queue.



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