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GiNaC is Not a CAS (Computer Algebra System)
URL: <http://www.ginac.de/>
Current version: 0.6.4

GiNaC is a library for symbolic manipulation within the C++
programming language.  It is designed to allow the creation of
integrated systems that embed symbolic manipulations together with
more established areas of computer science (like computation-intense
numeric applications, graphical interfaces, etc.) under one roof.

In addition to writing programs and compiling them it is possible to
work interactively with it using the tiny Ginac INteractive SHell
ginsh or (as a more consistent approach) linking it to the
fully-fledged C/C++ interpreter Cint.

GiNaC is covered by the GPL.


PS: I am currently not a debian maintainer, however, I am on the
    new-maintainer list.  While at 152 days I am not the record holder
    at waiting for AM to confirm (the record being 185 days) I hope
    that issuing two ITPs helps speed up that process somewhat.
Richard Kreckel

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