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Re: RFC: fix for daemon start (2)

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> I would like to have an addition to the "initscriptquery" which
> is something i have been waiting for long. I am interested in this
> because i am doing automated installations into a chroot environment.
> In this case i am possibly running in the right runlevel but i still
> dont want to have Daemons to be startet. So i would like to have a possibility
> to override the initscriptquery decision or more or less set an env var
> saying DPKG_NOSTARTDAEMONS=1 or something like this.

This issue falls under the soon-to-be-posted-to-debian-devel RFC for local
administrative control of initscript starts.

It allows you to do the above, yes.  It's just that I didn't write the code
yet, and I *know* the issue can start a flame war if I don't use severe
helpings of flame-retardants like posting the code up front (so that people
can actually look at it, and notice it will not do any weird crap to their
systems, especially if they DON'T want such administrative control in their

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