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Re: fishing hooks

Pang Li <123@netease.com> writes:

> Dear sir or madame:
> we are a fishing goods trading company located in China mainland, our products 
> include
> Banksticks, Rodrests, Boxes, Baskets, Seats, Floats & Float accessories,etc,if 
> your want to import these products from China.please feel free to contact us.
> Tel:0086-757-6239656
> Fax:0086-757-6336141
> E-mail:nhfish@china.com
> contact person:Pang Li

Dear Pang Li,

I was wondering what the license is for these fish hooks? Looking
through Debian's current package list, I see a few types of fish
(including sawfish, starfish, and bluefish), and a few hooks (mostly
authentication related), but no fish hooks. Given this, fish hooks
sound like a wonderful thing to add to Debian. Which is, of course,
why I inquire as to the license. Is it DFSG free, so it can into main,
or would fish hooks be forced to be in non-free? Also, what other
packages, if any, do fish hooks depend on? I see they are from China,
do fish hooks require Chinese fonts and/or a way to input Chinese? If
you could please answer these questions, I would be most appreciative.

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