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Re: RFC: fix for daemon start on package install/upgrade out-of-runlevel

hmh@rcm.org.br (Henrique M. Holschuh) writes:

> (not CC:ed to debian-devel, but I'd rather you had asked it in there instead
> of in private. Please forward this reply to -devel, I can't do it without
> breaching netiquette ;-) )
     I thought I had replied to the list.  I must have hit the wrong

> On Sat, 09 Sep 2000, Robert D. Hilliard wrote:
> > > This is a request for comments (and enhancements ;-) ) for a possible
> > > solution to an annoying bug (for those it hits) we currently have: daem=
> ons
> > > are started during package installs/upgrades regardless of the current
> > > runlevel.
> >=20
> >      Is this necessary?  Why can't the postinst check to see if the
> > daemon is running, and only restart it if it found it was running?
> Because if the user removes but not purges a package, all the configuration
> data related to initscripts is kept. The daemon is not running, but the
> runlevel restrictions must still be upheld (and stop-start-daemon cannot and
> should not have to know about this). I hope you agree that such a partial
> fix is undesirable when a complete one is available.

     There would only be a problem in the rare case in which the
sysadm had set up a daemon to run only in some run levels, then
removed the package containing the daemon, then reinstalled it and
expected it to resume its former behavior.  I think it is unreasonable
to make the packaging system system jump through hoops to save the
sysadm from fixing it manually in this rare case.


> I fear that detecting when a daemon is running in a generic way is not
> always easy (I'll only know when I try to do it). Creating a generic
> check-daemon-state script so as to make it easier for our initscripts to
> conform to the LSB requirements of a "status" command is still in my todo
> list, but at a rather low priority.
     ps ax|grep <daemon-name>|grep -v grep works for me.

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