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Re: ITP: Gwydion Dylan

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 05:05:02PM -0700, Brent Fulgham wrote:
> I need to work with Gwydion Dylan, and noticed we don't currently
> have a package for it.
> I vaguely remember someone talking about it long ago, but don't
> remember what became of it.
> I intend to package this Dylan implementation unless someone else
> is already doing so.  I don't see any mention in WNPP or the
> mailing list archives.

I believe someone's already packaged Gwydion Dylan.
ii  gwydion-dylan  2.3.1-1        A Dylan-to-C batch compiler.
ii  gwydion-dylan- 2.3.1-1        Tools used for recompiling Gwydion Dylan.
ii  mindy          2.3.1-1        A Dylan interpreter.

But hey, I'm glad someone else is interested in advanced languages.

"I invented the term "Object-Oriented", and I can tell you I did not
	have C++ in mind."
-- Alan Kay

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