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Re: Problems with mail system? [Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown]

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 12:55:07AM -0500, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 11:37:55PM -0400, cfm@maine.com wrote:
> > yes. get an ISP that can do reverse DNS.  YEESHHH!  I'll happily
> > bounce their mail until then.
> Are you willing to pay the difference between the cost of that user's
> current ISP and one which meets your standard?  Until then, you have
> absolutely no right to tell someone what ISP they should use.

nobody's telling anyone to get any particular ISP or that they have to
pay for a premium quality service.

it's simple - if you want a service that's worth having, you pay
whatever it costs. if you don't want that, then pay for a cheap/crappy
service and put up with it without whining.

if you pay peanuts for a crap service from incompetent bumbling fools
who can't even get reverse DNS working, then don't be surprised when
what you get actually IS a crap service. and don't be surprised when
your connectivity and your ability to communicate suffers as a result.
caveat emptor.

(that said, i don't believe that missing reverse DNS is a good reason
for bouncing mail. a "450 try again later" response is more appropriate,
to cope with temporary dns outages. bouncing mail from nonexistant
domains, however, is a different story - it's almost certainly spam and
there's no point in accepting a message which doesn't have a valid reply
address so just bounce it)

> For some, the option of getting another ISP is unaffordable or even
> impossible in some regions of the world.  This is sometimes true even in
> the US, especially if you require more than a modem connection.

there are numerous ways around the problem if you are stuck with a
crappy dialup ISP, one of which is to pay for decent mail service from
someone who has a clue and run uucp over tcp or an ssh tunnel to port
25, or any of the other methods which have been mentioned every time
this and similar issues (e.g. the recurring DUL thread) comes up.

there ARE sites that offer reasonably priced (between $5 and $20 per
month) uucp mail services. 

there are even sites that will offer the same or similar services for
free - e.g. i have an open standing offer to provide ssh or uucp access
for mail for any debian or other free software developer - although i
reserve the right to refuse service to one particular loser (can you
guess who, joseph?) and make sure that everyone who takes me up on the
offer accepts the fact that the service is not guaranteed, you get at
least what you pay for (i.e. nothing), and it may die with no warning or
recompense for any number of reasons.

if i've got the time i'd even be willing to experiment with the
certificate based relay control in postfix-tls (so far i only use it for
smtp encryption, not relay control)


craig sanders

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