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XFree86 4.x Phase 2 is ready

[followups to debian-x, please]

   [7 September] Phase 2 .debs of XFree86 4.0 are now available. These
   are retrievable with apt, and should upgrade smoothly from version
   3.3.6 of XFree86, but please note that they are for testing, not
   general-purpose use, and the library packages should definitely should
   not be used to compile packages for upload to Debian.. The xfonts-cjk
   package may have to be removed (e.g., with apt-get remove xfonts-cjk)
   before you can dist-upgrade to these packages. I seem to have the
   dependencies right, so I'm not sure why this is happening. Also note
   that any packages compiled against an old version of the XPM library
   will be removed by this upgrade. Bugs were filed against every package
   with this problem weeks ago, but there are still quite a few
   stragglers. I've done NMU's for a couple and they are available along
   with the Phase 2 packages. (Note that all that is required for these
   XPM-dependent packages is a simple recompile on an up-to-date system;
   nothing having to do with XFree86 4 is necessary, and in fact building
   against XFree86 4 libraries would be a very bad idea before official
   Debian packages exist for them.) Phase 3, a.k.a. upload of official
   packages to woody, will happen when 1) I've fought any fires that
   testers find in Phase 2; 2) these packages compile on all
   architectures Debian supports (or at least the ones with 3.3.6
   packages); and 3) when I have ported forward all necessary patches we
   applied to 3.3.6. I appreciate the patience and assistance I have
   received to date, just a little more and we'll be there!


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