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Re: RFC: GUI tools for common Debian admin tasks

Seth Cohn wrote :
> >So, yes, why reinvent the wheel, if there are allready n^x conftools
> >around with a new one popping up monthly (webmin, COAS, linuxconf,
> >debconf, yast, ..., ..., ...) ? It's not going to make anything
> >easier.
> Agreed.  If you want to do something USEFUL, write a better webmin, debconf
> or linuxconf module.
 - webmin: I think it is useful (and nice) not to have to launch mozilla
   to add an user or change a password.
 - debconf: dpkg-reconfigure users ? debconf is there to configure
   applications and I don't want to replace it at all. It is just not
   suited for some tasks
 - linuxconf: Marco d'Itri sent a comment I agree with (excepted for
   the insecure part where I don't have enough knowledge to judge)

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