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Re: RFC: GUI tools for common Debian admin tasks

Daniel Burrows wrote :
>   I've been thinking along these lines too, but didn't want to mention it as
> I'm not likely to be able to help implement it.  I'm thinking in terms of
> something slightly simpler, though: just the stuff a "normal" user (whatever
> that means) would need to set up and perform simple maintenance of a system.
Could you list 'user tasks' ? (the 'whatever that means' doesn't help)

>   I haven't used linuxconf much; could you extend that for this task, or
> is it too much of a pain?
I don't think _I_ could extend (see my other mail).

>   The specific thing that triggered this thought for me was the realization
> that setting up a printer on Debian is still pretty much black magic (even for
> a fairly experienced user), especially compared to the tools provided with
> other distros (RedHat, for instance, has a pretty nice printer configurator)
Added printer configuration to the list of things to do.

>   If I were doing it, I'd use Python, but I would definitely recommend against
> any compiled language.  (there's no really heavy processing or low-level
> operations; it's mostly high-level logic, parsing of data, and storing of
> output data, which is where Python (for instance) particularly shines)
I like Python too despite the fact the current proof of concepts are
in C. (design in C, code in Python, weird).

> > http://gaby.netpedia.net/pics/Screenshot_GUI_tools.jpeg
>   That looks pretty nice..haven't looked at the code yet.  I hope you store
> this stuff in the "standard" config files instead of hiding it in some obscure
> directory somewhere? :)  (yeah, this clobbers comments, but I assume that if
> you're using the GUI tools you aren't sticking comments into your
> configuration :P ) [1]
Using standard Debian configuration files; no /etc/sysconfig/ here.

> > PS2: _don't_ send me copies of your mails. I'm subscribed to debian-devel.
>   Aren't there headers that you can set to tell mutt not to do that?
>   Oh, wait, there are still people who don't use mutt.  Nevermind. :)
Poor guys...

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