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Re: RFC: GUI tools for common Debian admin tasks

T.Pospisek's MailLists wrote :
> So why not linuxconf? AFAIK it's the most powerful conftool around and
> there's *even* a .deb version of it. Further on it's pretty trivial to
> write modules for it and once done you can interface to the conftool
> through the command line, the web, textinterface, x-interface, ...
> So, yes, why reinvent the wheel, if there are allready n^x conftools
> around with a new one popping up monthly (webmin, COAS, linuxconf,
> debconf, yast, ..., ..., ...) ? It's not going to make anything
> easier.

I don't think Linuxconf is an appropriate tool for Debian systems.
The reason is that it is developed with Red Hat in mind and it is not
easy to make it match our way of doing things. (Actually linuxconf is
already packaged so you might try it and Stefan Gybas (sgybas@debian.org)
could certainly tell you how much linuxconf is tainted by Red Hat).

This means for example it will have its own tool to configure a MTA
(and it would probably be sendmail) while it would be as easy as
'dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=gtk exim' to get a nice way of configuring
an MTA (actually a gtk frontend _did_ exist (perl+GTK.pm) but was
killed off in debconf 0.3.10)).

The other problem I have with Linuxconf is its size: it tries to do
everything in one tool and this shows (Installed-Size: 7860) while
I would greatly prefer several little tools targeted to individual

The last thing is that it doesn't deal really well with user-modified
files (something I think is mandatory).


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