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Re: Security of Debian SuX0r?

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 05:40:15PM -0500, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:

> Shall we make something like 700 default?

No. Resist the urge to dumb things down. Better to insist on intelligent,
responsible users who have been educated, and have educated themselves,
about the realities of computer security rather than lull them into a false
sense of security. chmod 700 will set them up for nasty surprises on other
Unix accounts they may come to use.

The reality is that if you must keep something private then encrypt it (pgp
-c my_secrets.txt). Anything less than that represents ceding control over
your privacy to other parties, whether it be the operating system, the
network configuration, or whatever. Encourage users to be responsible for
security *themselves*.

My $0.02 worth...

Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I., USA    

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