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My recent bug's and continuing effort to debconf-ize Debian

I started this afternoon submitting bugs against packages which print verbose
output in their maintainer scripts.  The future that Debian must take is to
fully support debconf.  To further this goal I will continue submitting patches
to any package which prompts the user in a maintainer script.

If any maintainer would like

a) to join in the effort
b) me to debconf their package or need help doing so

please mail me.

With debconf, Debian can have its own kickstart, or unattended installs, and all
the other little things that people have been asking for years to have Debian
support.  This also means that companies using Debian to not have to rip apart
packages because they ask too many questions.

As for my patches to make maintainer scripts quiet, the days where the messages
were useful have passed.  They now whiz by during install leaving users
wondering if they missed something.  Or they scare the newbie.  I watched an
install yesterday where a package ran a tex function and echoed all the output
to screen -- you know what tex output looks like to the unsuspecting?  With
task packages, users do not always know exactly what packages are being

I am not asking for Debian to coddle newbies.  But the little things like
package installation output can be easily changed.

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