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Re: Bug#70269: automatic build fails for potato

On 29-Aug-00, 16:05 (CDT), Buddha Buck <bmbuck@14850.com> wrote: 
> Would it make sense to make policy something like "All official Debian 
> auto-build machines will have installed this set of build packages: gcc, 
> ..., and debhelper.  Debian packages are not required to specify build 
> dependencies on these packages."

That's pretty much the definition (or at least the *use*) of
Build-Essential: packages that may be assumed to be present, so that
they need not be listed in Build-Depends.

Repeating myself: listing a tool as build-essential does not mean that
packages are required to use it, just that packages my assume that the
tool is present.


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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