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Re: new developper with new packages

"Christophe Prud'homme" <prudhomm@MIT.EDU> writes:

> Hi
> I am developper on two projects:
> 1- corelinux (LGPL):   http://corelinux.sourceforge.net OOA and OOD for Linux
> 2- freefem    (GPL):   http://kfem.sourceforge.net Finite Element Code and    
> I have created rather involved debian packages for them and I would like to 
> submit them to woody ( see on the respective web sites )
> I read some stuff on the developper's corner, but the actions to do to become 
> a debian developper are not clear to me.
> I was one a long time ago but for a short time.
> It seems that I am an applicant and some kind of applicant manager should
> review my application if I am worthy enough .
> so what is the process?
> I have other packages in store:
> 1- vtk Visualisation ToolKit http://www.kitware.com
> 2- vtkqgl a Qt widget for vtk 
> thx for any help,
> Christophe

Please subscribe to debian-mentors. There ask for a mentor for your
Packages. Normaly a few people respond that have similar
interests. You choose one of them to be your mentor and he helps you
with the packages and will upload them for you.

Getting a mentor first is a good thing, because its easy and
fast. You have direct connection to someone experienced if you have
any question and you have someone watching over you a bit, pointing
out little mistakes you might make or improvements.

Becoming a maintainer is a more lengthy process and debian-mentor
and your mentor will help you with any questions about that as well.

May the Source be with you.

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