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Re: Embedded Debian (was: compaq iPaq)

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 14:14:24 Ben Armstrong wrote:

> For the most part, I think there is enough flexibility within Debian to
> pick and choose the smallest tools that will do the job from among the
> binary packages.  Where Debian currently falls short, we can create -tiny
> versions of packages as needed.  Most useful optimizations that can be
> done at compile time can also be used to create binary packages to save
> people the time and bother of compiling it themselves. 

Yes; I have an idea for a solution to the problem:

  * For each package, logically create another two packages (although there
    could be many categories): `-small' and `-tiny'.

  * Write a script that will take a binary package and, based on guesses,
    squeeze it down to size; e.g. squeezing binaries, removing documentation,
    removing bash or Perl scripts (depending on whether the target supports
    bash and perl), header files, etc.

  * Define a mechanism so that a binary package can contain a file in
    `DEBIAN/', called (say) `squeeze-small' and `squeeze-tiny', overriding
    the script's guesses, and specifying more exactly how to squeeze the
    package to its corresponding smaller version.

  * Define a mechanism so that a source package can contain a file which
    specifies a list of `small' options (e.g. portions of glibc to compile
    in) which can be defined to create a squeezed package in one form.
    (I think few packages would need these.)

  * Write a tool analagous to the task selector to build these `small'
    packages and create filesystem images out of them.

  * Package up newlib and friends and make them provide libc6. :-)


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